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AdPal is leading online marketing company with more than 5 years of advertising experience. Our Premium
Advertising Network covers hundreds of millions of users. AdPal is a division of IT corporation Data Subsystems, Inc.

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To understand the rules of advertising, we need to first understand why and where do we see it. If you sit down for a minute and observe, you'll notice that advertising exists anywhere people are looking for information.

It began with newspapers. People were looking for the latest news and newspapers offered it to them (along with some eye-catching advertising). With the development of the technology, newspapers transformed into glossy magazines. Then with the birth of television, we were bombarded with video ads.

If you haven't yet noticed, the newest source of information is the through the internet. Every year, more and more people are addicted to websites as a source of news.

Right now, there are more people that are searching the internet than watching TV. The internet rapidly changing the way people get information.

Think of young people now. They don't really watch TV and have probably never touched a a newspaper. New generations are developing new set of buying habits that every business owner has to adjust to.

Internet is not only different from TV, outdoor or direct mail advertising, it's better.

If you buy a TV spot or billboard, you have to first spend money on the production of your marketing piece - shoot a video ad or print a billboard. That costs thousands of dollars. With the internet, there are NO set prices on text ads and no minimum advertising budgets.

Also, when you order a TV commercial or print flyers, there is absolutely NO reliable way to accurately track the performance of your ad. How many people saw it? How long did it take them to read it? How many responded? With online advertising, all these things are accurately traced and consolidated in easy to read reports.

With online ads, you can see the results of your campaign within days, sometimes even hours. Changing your message is easy too. It's very easy to run tests of your a campaign and make adjustments on the fly. That's what we do with our clients. Our goal is to have a customized approach to every company we are working with.

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